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Celebrating Our Forgetfulness....uh, Independence

Posted on July 8, 2015 at 11:45 AM

This Saturday just happen to also be Independence Day. What a wonderful way to celebrate our freedom by starting off with a 5K run.


The weekend actually started a day early, since most of us had Friday off from our “real jobs.” Anita and I headed to the city to get a little culture in our lives by going to see “Dirty Dancing” as it was part of the Dallas Summer Musicals series. This was my second trip to see a show in Dallas and it was Anita’s first, though we have both been other places to see shows in the past. I think Anita and I may have found us a new hobby that doesn’t involve running! We also attended the show “The Foreigner’ at the Hamilton Civic Theater in June, and we already have our sights set on a few other productions in the next year.

After the show, Anita and I made our way back to Gustine, stopping in what seemed like every town in between, picking up plumbing supplies for the hubby. If I could have remembered it all on the first stop, then it would have gone much quicker. This is where my weekend of forgetfulness all started!


First, we stopped in Cleburne to get the new bathroom faucet at Home Depot. I get in the car and start back down the highway and realize I forgot the “plumber’s wrench.” As we get to Glen Rose, the only hardware store is closed. So, we back track to Granbury where once again, I enter Home Depot to find the plumber’s wrench aka Basin Wrench. Now, we are on the road again and Randall calls to ask where we are and to remind me to pick up the most important supply of all…beer. Yep, I had forgotten it, too! So, once again, we stop in Dublin and then we finally head home. Randall rewarded us with grilled pork chops for dinner and we enjoyed a nice evening sitting outside lecturing our youngest son on all the reasons he should not want to own a motorcycle!!


4:30 am Saturday rolls around and we head out to Granbury, as you can see, I am pretty forgetful sometimes. We picked up some members of the Race Day crew along the way and decided to make a pit stop in Stephenville. As we got almost out of town, I realized that I should have filled up with gas. Yes, we stop one more time to get gas. (As you are about to find out, thank goodness we did!)


We roll on up to Tidwell Field in Granbury around 6:30 am and go to work. Anita and I head in to get registration set up while the guys start unpacking the trailer and setting up the start/finish line. Anita immediately opens the box to get the timing chips and looks at my wide-eyed, “Kate, where are the chips?”


As soon as she said it I knew what I had done. I forgot to pack the chips the night before!!! Oh this is very bad, very, very bad. We can’t time a run without timing chips! We had used disposable bibs the weekend before and I just completely forgot to place them back in the box when I packed everything.


I immediately started dialing Randall at home and sent the guys to unhook the trailer. One of us had to high-tail in back to Stephenville and meet someone half way to get the chips. I got Randall awake and on the move, (yes, he was super proud of me) and Jeff met him on the south side of Stephenville. As I was pacing back and forth with a smile on my face telling the runners we would have chips soon, on the inside my heart was racing and I was scared to death something was going to happen. Cue...thank goodness we stopped for gas!


Jeff arrived with the chips about 7:30 am and we had them put on all the runners and back on schedule by 7:40! Man, I love having a great crew that helps me get things done. I bet they remind to get the chips from now until eternity!!!

We have been through many ups and downs in our 5 years of timing races together. I have only forgotten the chips one other time, but we were only 20 miles away from home that day. (Knock on wood) We have been lucky not to have forgotten many things before, but I can’t say that we haven’t had other troubles along the way, including running out of gas!!!


At the end of the day, we got the job done. We put another race in the books, we enjoyed each other’s company with lunch at Chilies and then spent our evening at a friends pool party. This weekend we celebrated our independence, the freedoms that we have, and worked our way through forgetfulness while running on Saturday.


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