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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 11:30 PM

We don't have many runs on Friday night, but that is exactly what we had this weekend. Friday found us in Eastland at the 3rd Annual Eastland Glow Run benefiting Kids in Motion. Night runs are really fun for us because they always bring a different crowd and we get a break from the hum drum 8 a.m. Saturday morning routine.

Eastland had a really fun "glow" shirt and of course I had to add one to my huge collection!! I always think it’s funny when runners show up for race day registration and then they are disappointed they don't get one of the cool t-shirts!! Come on people, register early to be sure you get in on all the action. Everyone wants to sport a neon orange glow shirt!!!

Food is a very important part of our race day road trips and at 10:30 p.m. in Eastland, Texas, your options are pretty limited!! The need for tacos, a Dude and Blizzards won out over chicken McNuggets! Larry Don loves ice cream and all he could think about during the run was his Butterfinger Blizzard. (The last meal we had at Dairy Queen, they were out of Butterfinger!)

We place our order and it's time for a potty break. Randall tells the girl taking our order that we need to go ahead and order our ice cream. We know it is close to closing time and they need to clean out the ice cream machine. Can you tell we have done this before? I get a mini Reese's, Randall orders a medium tropical and of course, with Larry Don in the bathroom, we order his medium Butterfinger. It is very important that it is a medium, not a mini!

With LD not back to the table yet, I take the opportunity to antagonize him, as I always do! I walk back up to the counter to get the waitress in on my big plan. Larry Don loves ice cream, and I love to to do anything I can to heckle him. I ask the waitress to pretend like she didn't get his order and just bring out ice cream for the rest of us. She was so good and my plan worked perfectly!

After our food was devoured, our waitress walks out. (Do you call them a waitress at a fast food restaurant?) Anyway, she walks out with everyone's ice cream but LD. The look on his face was priceless, as expected he says, "Where's mine?”

She explains that she didn't get an order for him. He glares at us. So, she asks what he would like. He states a medium Butterfinger. She walks to the back, grabs his Blizzard from the freezer and hands it to him. He looks at me and uses his favorite not so nice term of endearment to address me!

“Why do you do that to me?”, he says.

Of course,we all laugh, except him. In the end, everyone got full of ice cream, the waitress got a nice little tip for being a great sport and we all traveled back to Gustine full and happy. We did have one little incident with a broken glow bracelet in the truck on the way home.  Note to self, don't play with them in the car, they will break and spew all over the cab and they stink!!  The hubby was not happy with me!!

After getting home at midnight, the Saturday morning alarm went off at 4 a.m. and off we went again to Dublin for the Irish Stampede. Many of you know this one as the old Dublin Dr. Pepper run. Just as losing Dublin Dr. Pepper hurt many things in Dublin, the run is just another one of those side effects that are still working on rebuilding. Dublin Bottling Works has been great to come on board and support the run and of course we always enjoy getting to come home with some extra Dublin Bottling Works soda. The race is in its 3rd year of trying to rebuild. First, they lost the Dublin Dr. Pepper name and birthday celebration surrounding the run. The next year, they changed from a 4k to a 5K in conjunction with the Dairy month celebration. And, most recently, the course was completely changed to avoid crossing Highway 6 and holding up traffic. The Dublin Lions Club are well on their way to rebuilding this run. My wish is to see the Irish Stampede grow back into what it once was, with over 500 runners, jogging the streets of Dublin and coming to support this great little town.

After Dublin, we headed to Stephenville to eat brunch at Peacock's. I must say, they have an amazing Philly Cheesesteak, you should try it!! Our day as a team came to an end at Peacock’s as Randall and I headed to Legends Country Club to play in the Lance McLean Memorial Golf Tournament. Well, he played with his buddies, I rode in the golf cart, caught up on Facebook, and got a nice sunburn.

Randall and the boys aren't very good at their golf game, but they sure do have fun trying. They started the first few holes trying to be serious and really give it a fair shot, by the last few holes they were back to their normal antics of picking on each other, blocking one another in their golf carts, trying to run over themselves and even driving their partners into the shrubs! At the end of the day, Randall was super proud that they had the highest score on the board, and in his own mind, thought the won because their number was the biggest!

Two runs in twelve hours and a full day of golf made for another fun Race Day weekend. As always, we enjoyed our time with each other, we met some new faces, enjoyed seeing our regular faces and wrapped up another fun weekend running on Saturday.



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