Running on Saturday

I have the privilege of working with my best friends and doing what I love every single weekend. As a runner/race director/race timer I have learned that we can have fun while we work and running is only as serious as you make it. At Race Day, we consider all our participants "our runners" and we like to have fun, because running should be fun!

I have discovered there is a need for newcomers and oldtimers to understand the other side of the run. As a runner, you show up to a race, get a bib and t-shirt, do a little stretching (if you are real serious) and go run your race. However, there is another side to a race that only a few runners venture into, and that is the race directing and chip timing realm. I have decided to help merge the three worlds so that we can all live as one happy extended family, in harmony.

I lovingly refer to myself as DumbA Runner, which is the nickname my husband came up with for all runners in general. Unfortunately, if the name fits, WEAR IT!! Therefore, I do.

I hope you enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of a runner turned race director, turned race timer, and maybe you will learn something new along the way. And, if there is nothing new for you to learn, then just maybe you will enjoy reading about the antics that happen on our Race Day adventures.

Sit back, grab a protein shake, oh wait, we don't drink protein shakes, we tend to prefer a more adult beverage! Well, grab whatever you want and join our crew as we go running on Saturday.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

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We don't have many runs on Friday night, but that is exactly what we had this weekend. Friday found us in Eastland at the 3rd Annual Eastland Glow Run benefiting Kids in Motion. Night runs are really fun for us because they always bring a different crowd and we get a break from the hum drum 8 a.m. Saturday morning routine.

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